Skill, action, tension, concentration, silly stunts, sabotage, hilarity & fun….Sunk! has it all. Ready? Steady? Pour! Whatever you do, don't sink the cup! The goal is to add water - one drop at a time - to the cup that's floating in the water-filled sunk tank, without causing the cup to sink. Sounds simple? It is until you add in a few extra factors...

What if your hand is a little shaky? Or, your concentration breaks as your opponents taunt you in their attempt to make you sink the cup? Or, you roll a challenge and need to hop on one foot or close one eye while you carefully pour two drops? The tension rises and you'll need keen concentration as you carefully drip, drip, drip water from the tiny pitcher into the cup. The last player standing (or should we say floating) is the Sunk! champion.



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